Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement PLS-HSL 8×8 v1


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Pack contein
1- MTVR 8X8 chassis
2- Mtvr PLS load crane Addon
3- Mtvr Generator container Addon
4- Mtvr_cistern addon.
5- mtvr_suport_cart.
6- mtvr_suport_canisters
7- mtvr_Fuel_reservoir
8- Mtvr_backup_wheel

Reference xml for buitin game addons

3- mtvr_kraz_tent
4- Mtvr_ural_cart

Credits – Original base mesh and textures by Arma Game

Remodeled and detailed in to a antimine defense truck by Arraial
Textures reworked, setup and animation skin and bones by Arraial
Engine Sounds by OoveE Studios (Kraz engine) note this can have changes in the future with real engine sound by Darkhorsel

P.s note because DarkHorsel are in Afghanistan in the moment they are unable to provide the souds for the Mtvr truck ….. For now this model use the Engine sound of the Kraz truck. Very sun they goin to be available the proper Sounds here.

All the model have animated suspencion and all the model have animation parts.
Install it manualy – Decompress the file in your Desktop , Drag the /media folder inside the main root folder of the game /ST / Make a backup first of media.rar or all the game.

This model have the proper description here, requirements and instalation methode and was upload in OoveE DS , im not responsable for bad funcionality for lack of info data in 3 Party Sites. Any issue can only solved in the OoveE DS page or Forums. – 38.1 MB

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