Caterpillar 6×6

MOD replaces UAZ How to install: 4 Drag the folder from the archive to a folder Media Authors: Model: unknown. Envelope SPIN TIRES 2013: Alexander Sadovsky Envelope SPIN TIRES 2014: Unknown. dump-truck-6×6.zip – 11.6...


MTZ-1221 v1.1

Belarus MTZ-1221 in a game machine replaces any of the names: kamaz, kraz, maz, maz2, uaz, ural or zil. Model, texture addons: LSSA Modding Team, Norton. Model, texture MTW: blackfox, Monster, Clondike. Author sound:...


First Snow v 1.5 Release

Changes: 1) BRAND NEW TEXTURE ALL !!! (cars, trees, water). 2) change the physics of car control. 3) glasses traces of frost. 4) On ice asphalt. First_snow_1.5.rar – 336.1 MB



The game replaces the UAZ. Model, texture T-150K: Silak_68, LSSA Modding Team. Model, texture wheels: vorkir, ronnie, Silak_68. Model, textures trailers: LSSA Modding Team, Max155, unknown. Load of stones: vorkir. Author: ronnie. Presented: ronnie....