Spin tires mods

Spin tires mods

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Map Village Kujbyshevo – SpinTires 2014

Friends. I want to share with you another card named village. Kuibyshev. At this time, the maximum card size (32×32) The roads varied, from asphalt to dirt swamp on the side of the machine. For those who like to work manipulator It will be much easier to get a card. However, the play and You see for yourself. I hope...

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UAZ-2206 – SpinTires 2014

The model replaces the UAZ-469. Modification adapted to version 4.13.15. Description of the modification: – Bush has animation / doors / mudguards; – Three pairs of wheels; – Five add-ons; – Trailers GAZ-704 allows you to carry the load; – Testing the multiplayer passed without errors. Authors: The original model “UAZ 4 × 4″. Full processing: OIM. Author trailer GAZ-704:...