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Dodge Ram 3500

added more lights Addons: garage cart utility cart backupwheel trunk frontal exhaust wheels sets in camera sorry for my bad English Authors: https://www.facebook.com/spintiresPM Dodge_Ram_3500—Uaz.rar – 3.5 MB

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GAZ 24 Volga

Authors: 3D models and textures taken from the game: ARMA 2. Author envelope to the game Spintires: By_USSR Mod made: By_USSR. GAZ_24_Volga.rar – 26.3 MB


Hummer H2 6×6 V2

He replaces the game Zyl 130, and uses his sound. Spin Tires mod car Hummer H2 6×6 (Tweak by Arya Suun) Authors: Arya Suun. bregel_hummer_h2_6x6_tweak_by_arya_suun__v2_by_arya_suun.zip – 63.8 MB