PTS-M v29.11.17

PTS-M – Caterpillar floating conveyor is designed for amphibious crossings through water barriers of artillery systems, wheeled and caterpillar tractors, armored vehicles, vehicles, personnel and various cargoes.

Has 2 of its add-on (tents), standard beacons, catches standard two-axle trailers. Loaded with medium logs (4 points).

Attention! Transport equipment in the body only with the parking brake! Winch must not be fastened, otherwise the technique will hang out in the back of the body and cause damage to itself.

Attention! This mod without SpinTiresMod.exe version 1.6.0 will not work! (There are in the archive with the game)
To rotate the lock, do not include!
Run the game from SpinTiresMod.exe

Author of 3D models and textures: = SappeR = (Alexander Ivanov), the first version of the mod: Vasya Karpov (vasia_b4).
The author of the finalization: Nikita (misternik82)
Envelope: Silent


PTS_M_291117_MF_ea29c.rar – 56.1 MB

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  1. Andrea Andrianary says:

    I’ce instaled it, run the game with SpintiresMod.exe, but there is no caterpillars on the truc, can anyone help me please ?

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