Another fine car for Spin Tires. The GAZ-69 off road edition. It has everything you need, lifted body, long shocks, add-ons and even a moving driver! Amazing work. Really fun car to drive around and do trials with.

Info: GAZ-69 is a four wheel drive light truck, produced by GAZ (ГАЗ, or Gorkovsky Avtomobilnyi Zavod) between 1953 and 1955. From 1954 until 1972 it was produced by UAZ, as UAZ-69, though they were commonly known as GAZ-69s as well. It was also produced under licence by ARO in Romania, first as IMS-57, then as Muscel M59, later modernized as the Muscel M461. Many GAZ-69 trucks were used in Poland during the Cold War. MORE INFO

Author: Lee Zoo

Source: RigsofRods – 5.0 MB

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