GaZ-SAZ-2506 – Spin Tires 2014


– Animation antenna
– Animation mirrors
– Animation in the interior visyulek
– Animation mudguards
– Animation frames
– Animation wheel after the official K-700

Mod fully supports MP.

Mod replaces the game: B-130 (ZIL-130).

Model Body “bread” and “mail” from Gta-Sa: StratumX
Wheels of GAZ 3309 Sadko: VIRUS163
Wheels of PAZ-32053: Apson
Tow Addon: Jura Ismailov
Addons trailers: LetsRockAndRoll
The author of the sound: the sound of the GAZ 3308 Diesel
Standard addons, etc: Oovee
Author 3d models, textures, transmissiya- (TruckerStas) – 47.6 MB

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