Gaz Saz 3511-66 v1.1 – SpinTires 2014

1. Replaces the UAZ. I tested on version 4.13.15.
2. Any suspension animations, frames, universal joints, drive winch, boards, steps and mudguards.
3. There are eight add-ons and three pairs of wheels.
4. Permeability high, change the physics.
5. You can carry a short log.
6. Multiplayer and achievements are not working.

Model and textures: Eagle Dynamics, selonik, ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi.
Addons: Eagle Dynamics, selonik, ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi, Unknown.
Wheels: Eagle Dynamics, ronnie, Maxim Pioneer unknown.
Maud made: ronnie.

gazsaz.rar – 43.7 MB

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