KrAZ-255 Zhelezyaka Update – SpinTires 03.03.16


Game version: SpinTires 03.03.16

Changed some textures, added wheels locked diff.
It has:
-14 + Addon their default
-3 Type wheels
Piece of iron – a well-prepared truck, it is well equipped and has excellent maneuverability, speed and traction. With the piece of iron will not be bored, take him to the game and you will be able to close the sawmill with a salable and overcome barriers previously unavailable))! Maud has a residence permit for SpinTires Plus, those of you who is SpinTires Plus, will be able to fully enjoy the irresistibly KrAZ Zhelezyaka)))! Have a good game!!!

Envelope: HAUS_55_RUS
Textures, assembly, modification: GolmanRS
Just I want to thank DmitriyGDS for the original trailer.
Revised Author: GolmanRS

KrAZ255_Zhelezyaka_update.rar – 32.9 MB

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