Level 19rus Abaza Map – SpinTires 25.12.15

Game version: 25.12.15

Version 1 (Multiplayer)

Reconstituted area actually existing in the timber industry g.Abaza.
Map 800 x 640 meters. At three o’clock, two multiplayer games.
On the map three felling equidistant from the warehouse every 2 manual loading and automatic one.
One garage, one zapravka.Dorog not – there are directions.
Your job is to fill the warehouse business timber industry wood. warehouse – 10 points of discharge.
Technique: Ural, Kamaz 6522, KrAZ, Gas 66.

Version 2 (Single player)
One point of loading and 4 sawmills in the mountains (that life would not seem raspberries).
A garage, a refueling.
Technique: Ural, Kamaz 6522, KrAZ KrAZ 255B1, Gas 66.

Alexander III

level_19rus_abaza.rar – 100.2 MB

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