MAZ-501 – SpinTires 03.03.16


Game version: SpinTires 03.03.16

Small update:

1. Adjustment of the settings related to balance. (Reduced margin, 4 points have been removed from the trailer of the garage (now 2), tilt is now driven by three points, one in the trailer of the 66th, added a 50 to repair the airborne platform (at the expense of spare wheel)
2. Slightly reduced the rate of turn and return to the helm. The car without power steering, as in any way.
3. Cargo timber wrapped with a rusty cable, so as not to lose 🙂
It has:
-17 + Addons its default
-4 Type wheels
-Custom sound
-Custom load
-type of the cab
fan-animation in the cockpit

Author mod:

MAZ_501.rar – 53.4 MB

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