Mi-8 – SpinTires 03.03.16


Game version: SpinTires 03.03.16

The Mi-8. It is widely used in many countries around the world to perform a variety of civil and military missions. 2014 is the second-most common military helicopter in the world!

It has two add-on and a sound!


0.Aktiviruyte addon “landing pad”
1. Press the “V”
2. Press the number “3” and press “R” and “T” – flying forward, backward
3. Press the number “4” and press “R” and “T” -polёt up, down
4. Press the digit “5”, and buttons “R” and “T” -polёt left, right

Author mod:
专业 补 胎

mi8.rar – 9.6 MB

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