New Trailer Pack 2 v1.0




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I’ve converted another set of trailers, this time from some of nicossalonso’s mods

This mod does NOT disable multiplayer or achievements, it works online and other players can see it if they got it aswell.

New Trailers in v1.0:

Tanker Trailer
XL Log Trailer
Trailer with Excavator/Digger
Trailer with Atv and Fuel Barrels (This trailer can carry other trucks!) I’ve installed a winchsocket on the rear hanging in the air so you can lift you trucks up

Just put the “Media” folder from the zip file into your “Spintires” folder and replace files if asked.

What’s New in Version v1.0

Added Tanker Trailer
Added XL Log Trailer
Added Trailer With Excavator/Digger
Added Trailer With ATV And Fuel Barrels

Author: Anders Ørum – 38.7 MB

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  1. reneck says:

    well i have version 3 3 16 and i followed ur directions and i can see then traler in the list of addons when i go to garage but i cant chose it…wouldnt u have to put the trailer into the xml of what truck u want it in….. can u give some more help on this please….

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