Ural Mountains Map – SpinTires 23.10.15 & 8.11.15

Game version: 23.10.15 & 8.11.15

The authors of the mods, patterns, textures, objects converters:

Dmitry Romanenko; Sergei Pleshchev; Victor Eremin; Max Dmitriev; Bambi; Lexan; AlexJ; Team GTA MT, OOvEE, ronnie; Fedor Ivanov; Alexander Sadovsky; Dima stolen; Yuri Ismailov; ERR; WorlDep; dimariodimario; modfiles; tvvas; RED_SHARK; S.T.A.L.K.E.R; GSC Game World

Author map: dober1 (Maxim Serebryakov)

Authors textures: dober1 (Maxim Serebryakov), Dmitry Shipitsyn; Dog Balobaka

Ural_Mountains_2_for_v.23.10.15___8.11.15.rar – 654.0 MB

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