Crossroads Map v09.12.17

Hello. I have not done anything for a long time, so I decided to correct the situation.
The map is almost all of narrow, impassable (in places practically impassable) roads.
He made at the request of his friends, fans not only dirt, but also roads with swings and critical rolls.
They all protisteno, go through all possible (especially the company), so that the card is designed for joint passage.

On the map we have:
9 saws
2 garages (one closed)
1 refueling
2 loading points
5 starting slots (17 stars balance)
ZAZ added just for fun))

PS For each file there are three roads, choose your own. Good luck everyone.
PPS Criticism is welcome.


Crossroads_Map_v09.12.17.7z – 30.7 MB

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