Ilyinsk – Hilly Territory Map v09/26/19

Guys! Good day to all! Remember when you rode in the “Podomo – Old Cargo Port” ?!
Duck, here the area is even more interesting: numerous hills, forests, shredded lake, mud, puddles, swamps … And much more, we went on the Oise – beauty, and only ..

It’s not worth it to relax, the speeds are great from hassle, and the turns are sharp – roll over, crash – just spit ..

By the way, they sent Vodila (to the old collective farm) for garage vans, eventually phoned, said he didn’t find it, and besides, the gas ran out .. He said he had guesses to look at the depth, but not today. He said that we would find him in a campground. If anything – I’m waiting for you in the garage, UAZ is in the same place. Bring the details of the vans, and then beyond the forest.

On the map: 768 x 576 m.

1 Large Garage (Closed).
1 The loading point is automatic.
1 Manual loading point.
3 gas stations
6 Sawmills
6 Intelligence Points
9 Cars on the map (3 active, interchangeable) (Including Kirovets)
“Separately, the second trailer for those who ask for 8 points, it’s not difficult for us.”

P.S. – From the Author: On the map it’s possible not only to accelerate, but also not to get stuck badly (done by default and normal modes, it will not be interesting on mutogens), or draw water into the hood, stones in some places (along the edges of ravines), the map was made at the request of those who passed Podomo. Advice – take those cars that stick to the hills, as well as the Urals and Kraz easily climb into any hike with the forest. (at least in 1 gear)
Importantly, do not get confused at the forks.

Version 26.09.19 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):
Updated on the game version 08/14/19

Cheerful Loner

level_IlinskHolm_for_mudrunner_v14_08_19.7z – 49.6 MB

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