Mod Pack Standard Auto Version 1.0

At the request of the site’s users, this pack of standard cars is laid out!
The pack of standard cars is suitable for Spintires: MudRunner Technical Test 18.10.17 Repack by Darius .

Attention!!! So, as some fashion replace the same truck, it is not recommended to drop all the mods in the Media folder or the archive.

Also in this pack did not enter such fashion as: ZAZ-968m, UAZ-5131, KamAZ-65115, Ural-4320, KrAZ-256, KrAZ-260 and MAZ-535. This is due to the fact that they are present on the maps ( standard map pack ), but are not available in the selection of the auto menu. When you change them to a truck – the file of the replaced truck disappears from the menu of auto selection. Unfortunately, the above modes are not available for their selection on the cards.

The pack included such cars:
1. GAZ-66 (available for all)
2. ZiL-130 (available for all)
3. ZIL-131 (available for all)
4. K-700 – replaces MAZ-537
5. KamAZ-4310 replaces Ural-375
6. KamAZ-65111 – replaces the Ural-375
7. The KrAZ-255 (available for all)
8. MAZ-537 (available for all)
9. MAZ-7310 – replaces the MAZ-537
10. UAZ-469 (available for all)
11. Ural-375 (available for all)
12. Ural-432010 – replaces Ural-375

Installation: Move the classes and billboards folders to the archive in the root folder of the game or in the Media folder ( video instruction ).

Pavel Zagrebelny – 30.5 MB

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