MZKT Pack v2.0

The main features of this model: the latest hydromechanical transmission with electronic control and an independent spring suspension, which allows not only to overcome large obstacles, but to do it at high speed! How much it was possible to pass in a fashion – to judge to you.
The peculiarity of this mod: like the previous MZKT-500200 , this one was also made by me from scratch!
Mod is designed for medium and high complexity cards (I hope this excludes stupid comments like “twisted”)
Having excellent cross-country ability, it has a low fuel consumption!
Mod has all the animations and chips available in Madranner!

MZKT-600100 has 10 of its add-ons + 5 standard.
MZKT-600201 has 11 of its add-ons + 4 standard ones.
– your cargo

Pleasant off-road!

Version 2.0 (01.03.18) for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18):
Added 4-axle MZKT 600201
added add-ons for 600100: the trailer with garage parts
added addons for 600201: board for 3 points, remodule for the hitch, semi-trailer-tank, trawl for transportation of equipment + with the possibility of loading on 4 points.
The platform-pipeline with the dissolution was transferred to model 600201.

Sinitsyn Vladislav (Vladislav) – 45.4 MB

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