Tayga 17 Map v08.04.18

To say that it will be difficult – do not say anything!
On the plot: In the north of the map there are a couple of houses. There Mikhalych tried to repair an old petrol tanker. The old garage was flooded, so you will have to transport the garage parts to a new location.

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.
1 car at the start (be careful)
1 loading place
2 sawmills
1 refueling
1 garage (closed)

If you like arcade – this card is not for you.
If you like 5 cars at the start – this card is not for you.
If you like 5 points of loading – this card is not for you.
If you want to pass a card in 30 minutes and be pleased – this card is again not for you.

On this map you have to really think and try. Carefully monitor the fuel level. Think where you go and why. And a very important point HOW to go, because we save fuel. Ability to plan ahead and the ability to “swing” out of the mud – that’s what you need on this map. Winch is your best friend!
Do not think that I forgot about loading points when you do not see them on the map. I prepared something interesting for you, something that will surprise you. On this map you will rejoice as a child, when after a long time you will only open the garage. And then, you will sob and go with interest with interest, because, you have not even come close to realizing the real task of the game – to deliver logs to a sawmill …

The card will remind you that this game, in the first place – a simulator. And believe me, my friend, where they bring down the forest and carry it, everything will not be so simple.

To all a pleasant, long and interesting game. I will be glad to your comments and opinions – it inspires.

Version 08.04.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 03/06):

Version 18/03/06 support


Tayga_17.zip – 39.5 MB

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