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Finally a new map for the Spin Tires 2013 Tech Demo. It’s called German Forest and although it is alpha status it is lots of fun to drive in. More challenging then the original map that came with the tech demo. Not every truck can make it out of the starting position so i had to use the Kraz 7140 with T-150 mod. Have fun!

Author: Flanna
Source: Oovee

Copied from Oovee:
Welcome to the german forrest, the first alternative map for the spintires dev-build.

– Looking for some fresh ungrooved terrain?
– Wanna try your manoevering skills on some tiny and sometimes dangerous hill-roads?
– Always wanted to drive down a (ok, a small) waterfall with a MAZ?
– Ever heard about truck-canyoning?

If you answered one of the questions above with yes, you should try out my new map.

!!WARNING!!! This is a very early alpha-version of the map, so better expect all kind of bugs and problems. Although I tried the map several times myself without any bigger issues, this may or may not be different for you !!!WARNING!!!

Attention: This map overwrites the default-spintires map, so make sure you have a backup.

Installation: Download the attached zip-file and unzip the media-folder into your main spintires-folder. Make sure you have either a backup of you whole spintires, or at least make a copy of “[spintires installation directory]/Media/levels/kickstarter.stg”

If you have any graphical problems, try to run the cache clear script that can be found also here in the downloads-section.

Changes in 002

– Removed road at the start
– Reworked starting area to get sort of a offroad-experience by crawling your way up the hill over grass bumps and generally sort of untouched nature
– Removed some missplaced trees all over the map
– Added first iteration of rockcrawling area to collect some feedback
– Modified depth of water at certain places to enable smaller vehicles to get to the crawling area – 1.7 MB – 2.6 MB

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