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Author: spunindarkness.

UAZ 3172 SID PACK – Spin Tires

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Who spintires the game?
Do you like to ride dirt tracks after, try your hand at cross-country competitions? Spintires game is for you. Complete your game with new maps, tractors, cars, trucks, download spintires mods free. The game features a lot of dirt, dirty vehicles and roads difficult to overcome. Good game...

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3 Responses

  1. Jandre says:

    how can i get that hud?

  2. Mirandasman9497 says:

    Jandre it’s from an older patch version of spintires, when I first got the game that’s what the hud looked like, after updating its changed to the gear shift on the right and a compass and the usual truck info on the left

  3. stefo says:

    Dodge Nitro is good idea for mod please read my comment

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