MAZ 500 Series – SpinTires 03.03.16


Game version: SpinTires 03.03.16

Updating a great truck!
1. Small changes for cabin MAZ-515B (added to the regular air conditioning installed in the factory, fixed lights, small correction of the texture)
2. Slightly Improved the weight distribution 515 th. A little more loaded front axle, the car became better controlled, with little or no loss of patency.
3. Added a new trailer (body tilt on the MAZ-941) and its cargo for her.
4. General adjustments on the balance sheet and a registration add-ons on all trucks.

It has:

-Custom addons + default
-2 Type wheels
-Various animation
-Custom load
-Custom sound
-type of the cab

Author mod:

MAZ-500_Series.rar – 126.3 MB

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